All about Hiroko

Hiroko has developed a style that is very identifiable as her own. Her strong sense of composition and mood has delighted many. In 2003 she won a special award at the Picture Editors Awards, which marked the first professional acclaim of her talent. Her numerous exhibitions have delighted her public ever since. Hiroko has worked with some of the top interior designers to produce commissioned works to complement their designs, contact Hiroko if you have a project that needs artwork to complement their work or to work with your interior designer.

Hiroko Enseki

Her subject matter is varied; the composition has great intimacy. Her use of shape and light gives great depth to her work, demonstrating her willingness to challenge her own boundaries and experiment with new techniques. Despite this, she maintains maturity in her work that ensures the harshest critics struggle to find fault. Her pictures bring to life her subject matter. Her work is not only ascetically pleasing, but she has an uncanny ability to demonstrate her image construction. This apparent simplicity belays the complexity of her composition as if she is teasing us into thinking that taking such pictures is easy. Her uncanny knack for catching the right moment to press the shutter is typical of her innate modesty yet bubbly, warm and humorous personality.